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"... It’s interwoven into all of our lifetimes. But take a look at the time that this precious one came into your life. You could say that pets – dogs and cats and a few birds – are generally the manifestation of a part of yourself.

 They’re not what you would call your total self, but your energy is infused into them and they – these precious beings, these precious type of devas or type of earth beings, not quite angels, but they’re earth beings – they absorb your energy. So when one like this comes into your life, take a look at the timing when it came in, what it’s sharing back with you right now, which is probably love and wisdom, but also take a look at its past because that past also is a reflection of your past, in the case that you get a pet like this.

 Now for those getting brand new pets, generally they are ones who have been with you before. They’re very familiar with your energy and your journey, and they’ve been walking along the path with you for as many lifetimes as you could count. So they generally feel very, very close. They’re like energy sponges – consciously. They pull your energy in and they help you work with it in such a loving way – as long as you’re choosing it to be loving.

 So … when you look in its eyes understand that it is its own being, but it’s also being such a part of you as well. Indeed. It’s helping … pets help to teach all how to love themselves."



Welcome to our beautiful world of cats and people. First of all, thanks a lot for being here. You are our guest so we invite you to a journey through really the amazing world of Cornish Rex …


Our names are Anna & Zbyszek Wilczek. We live in Poland in Lodz city. We are architects but our second part of life & the big passion are cats. All our life was involved with dogs and cats. Our cattery Cattus de Lux is a small family and we would like to keep it this way. It was registered in 2002 in FIFe Federation International Feline. Anna is a proud member of FIFe club ZO Senec "Club Italia".


Anna is an International FIFe Judge category I, III & IV. She works socially as a Secretary of Cornish Rex Breed Council in FIFe, where all members are giving their best to improve the right direction, the quality and the attention for our beloved breed. She's also an author of a book “Cornish Rex - Plushy Cat” published in 2006 in Poland. Zbyszek made wonderful drawings there. We have written many felinological articles to different cat magazines for years.


The name of the prefix ‘Cattus de Lux’ was quite easy for us to choose. Cattus de Lux means ‘the luxury cat’ in Latin language and this description perfectly shows & represents what we want to achieve in our breeding program.

Our goal is an extremely elegant cat on very high legs, not too long in body but with really loooong tapering tail. The head must be in harmonic shape and proportions with the body, with straight nose and flat skull which give so important convex angle. Usually well-developed muzzle allows to have a strong chin - a very important thing for a general look, while the lack of chin completely changes the expression of Cornish Rex that we really don't like! We like large oblique setting eyes but not protruding or dominant, just giving this special magic look. They should definitely correspond with the size of the ears. Of course Cornish Rex is extremely extreme breed so ears can always be bigger and bigger. But for us the placement is more important than size which should set high on the top of the head.


We believe that it is very important to have a personal "ideal Cornish" in our mind. So we try to do our best to raise cats really a luxury, particularly in terms of appearance, with a special phenotype, with this magnetic unique look but also the nature of perfect temperament, behaviour and personality. We are the most proud from the compliments we often receive from the new owners.


Cornish Rexes have captured our hearts and souls. Thanks God for these wonderful Cat Angels in our life. So if you want to visit our house, meet us and our cats you are always more than welcome!


Anna & Zbyszek Wilczek

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