Your Majesty Cornish Rex


Before I start let me just say that I am a fan of all animals, I love horses, dogs and cats. Well... cats. To be honest, these cats which have been fascinating me for years  are... Cornish Rex but it's for another story ...


This cat is definitely unusual, extremely elegant and very ethereal. It impresses not only because of its beauty, but also, and perhaps above all because of  character and temperament. Although I must admit that this is not a cat for everyone. It is very talkative, inquisitive, demanding and needs a continuous contact with the man. Sometimes it even becomes importunate just to feel close to people.


Among various people this cat causes extreme emotions starting from disgust and ending with excitement. Why? Well, I suppose this cat is quite weird, a little amazing. We expect that the cat is a cat and here we've got... Cornish Rex.


Gives the impression of a very noble creature, elegant, dignified, subtle and incredibly delicate. There is ostensibly a distance between you during initial contact. But after a couple of moments it sits on the man's shoulder or even his head.


 Cats of this breed have much in common yet each of them is different. Happily waving his tail and fetching toys, it is always prone to pranks and stupidity, running around the walls ... yes, that's right... the walls. Obstacles do not exist, each of them may be overcome. Fast learning and peeping like how does a man open the door is not a hard thing to learn. This cat is extremely efficient, agile and athletic.


The easiest way to express what I am trying to say. Cornish Rex is a "15-year-old child" who never grows up and what's more never gets old. Zodiac Gemini, an eternal boy or a girl. Dignified, elegant, smart and intelligent. An appearance full of grace collides with its childlike simplicity, mischief and pranks having no end. It is very active, constantly seeking the company of other family members and talking with them by means of its thin, protracted voice.


It loves participating in all household chores, so if something interesting is happening simultaneously in two different parts of the house, our Cornish Rex is torn, running, arguing and discussing, saying can't divide itself! Even when people are asleep, Cornish Rex needs the company of them and it is necessary for it to breath.


It is a perfect companion for children. It is like a child. It loves playing hide and seek or tag. It will gladly work out with the baby lessons and Cornish Rex will definitely play computer games with kids together. It is extremely mild and devoid of aggression in any type of contact with human. Cornish Rex absorbs by means of its own charm, demands plenty of contact, it may find a kindred spirit among young members of the family. It is eager to jokes.


Endowed with extraordinary temperament, as an ubiquitous being it has something special and tricky in itself. It is eager to establish contact with people, it is ingratiating and craves for caress. Thrown off the laps, it comes back like a boomerang with the speed of light. What might be interesting, it usually bestows its affection on all the owners equally. Nevertheless... exceptions to this rule sometimes happen.


Returning home, you can be sure that you will be greeted at the doorstep by a cat wagging his tail happily. When it is left alone in the house far too long,  it takes offence shortly only just to stand proudly on the man's shoulder after a while pulling faces and causing in his mind tremendous remorse.


Cornish Rex cannot stay alone at home for long. It cannot happen every day. Overwhelming boredom is their the most dangerous enemy. It kills joy of life and changes psyche of this wonderful cat. Having a pair of Cornish Rex at home may be the solution to this problem. They both are able to deal with the absence of people. However, do not expect they will leave you alone after you return home.


You never can tell how a Cornish Rex coexistence with other breeds looks like. It depends on a character, temperament and nature of other cat breeds, their age and individual characteristics.

Slow and static, quiet cats will certainly not be excited that something what resembles much more an undulating stick than a cat flashes by just behind them and after a while this fast shadow will land on its head. Just for fun, huh?


It is a cat of medium build, in kind of an oriental type. Slim Cornish Rex has a slender, yet muscular and strongly outlined silhouette. Noticeable "naked eye" is the difference between individuals of male and female. Ms. Cornish Rex is elegant, slender waist, delicate lady, having something in her look. Mr. Cornish Rex while a more muscular, masculine expression of a face. Elasticity and lightness with which moves the cat of this breed, provide him incredibly long legs. Interestingly the hind are longer than the front, making jumps over the word high. The cat of this breed is capable of such acrobatics, flights and movements of the body that the laws of physics and gravity ceased to exist for him for a while. The distinguishing feature of it from other breeds of cats is short, wavy, plushy coat, resembling an appearance of astrakhan lamb.


 But beware! If you touch a cat of this breed, you will stay addicted to the end of your life :)


Cat for allergy - truth or myth?


As a breeder I often hear questions if Cornish Rex causes allergy or not. Is an allergy-prone person able to live with this cat under one roof, and if so, how this living together may be facilitated or simplified. That are difficult questions. The answer very often cannot be generalized and each situation ought to be considered idividually.


Animals always were in my family house when I was a child. There were found dogs , cats, sparrows or pigeons brought back to life. When I started my own family, firstly, the children showed up on the horizon and with them the buzz, laughter as well movement and rush. But I couldn't stand lack of animals. Therefore, once upon a time a dog started living with us. It was named Roger. Simultaneously, my children got an allergic reaction. I wasn't prepared for this. We didn't give up and we were fighting with our problems in every possible way seven years after which I gave the dog to a foster family having my eyes filled with tears.


Roger has a perfect second home although it is our very old friend, now. But... well, this "but" made me say "no more animals" in that times. It is a bit complicated however after a year Cornish Rex appeared in our house.  Throughout all this period I was observing and observing my kids and... nothing. In the meantime, completely fallen in love with the first cat, we got the second one. Now we lead an idle life with six cats of this breed. When kittens are born, obviously, the number of household members increases by leaps. My children grew up, they are still allergic to dust, dust mites, animal coat and many other weird thing but, luckily, it doesn't apply to Cornish Rex.


Therefore, can it be concluded carefully that Cornish Rex breed doesn't cause allergy? I would say definitely no.


Once, a woman came to my house with a ten-year-old daughter Kasia to see the kittens that just had been born. The girl was excited. She stroked and cuddled the kittens, she simply stuck to my little babies. The visit lasted about three hours during which Kasia's eyes swelled with tears. She was sneezing as well she had itchy skin. When she came back home it turned out that her whole face swelled. This short story finishes in a hospital to which Kasia had to go after the visit. It is well known that there are various types of allergies. Between spring and autumn reign allergies to pollen, usually manifested by attacks of sneezing and runny nose with a watery secreting mucus. An allergy to dust is formed in a house from small particles of materials of vegetable and animal origin. It can be also caused by proteins derived from microscopic dust mite. Mite proteins cause many allergies and they are the most common reason of bronchial asthma and other allergic reactions.


An animal allergy is an immune reaction of a human body to an allergen derived from animals such as cats, dogs or small rodents. Contrary to common beliefs, this is not  an allergy to hair (coat/fur). An animal allergen may be epidermis, secretion of the sweat gland and sebaceous, urine, saliva or serum. It easily penetrates the respiratory tract or it sediments on the mucous membranes causing the release of an allergic reaction mediators e.g. histamine what results in an appearance of typical allergy symptoms.


Their type mostly depends  on the path by which the allergen gets into the body. The most common symptoms are in domains of the mucous membranes of the nose (rhinitis) and conjunctivon (conjunctivitis). Quite often there develops  bronchial asthma when allergens get into bronchi because of inhalation. Whereas, due to a local action of the allergen e.g. after being licked by an animal, there develops urticaria or angioedema.


Cornish Rex coat is deprived of top coat and guard hairs. It consists only of an undercoat and perhaps it is the most characteristic "showpiece" of the breed. Cornish Rex cats don't have a classic coat that  the vast majority possess what means that these cats do not carry allergens nor dust mites. Cornish Rex fur is devoid of guard hair, consists of the undercoat and is perhaps the most characteristic "showpiece" of the breed. Not having a classic coat that has the vast majority of animal fur, these cats do not carry allergens and dust mites.


Thanks to this structure and properties of coat it may be concluded that these cats, generally, do not cause allergies among people who are not considered to have an allergy of an animal origin. However, learnt by a painful breakup with Roger, I claim that everybody willing to share his life with Cornish Rex cat should visit a cat merchant several times before the final adoption. He should stay a couple of hours with lots of cats and observe possible reactions of his body before he definitely say "yes".

by Anna Wilczek

If you want to know more, we invite you to read, published by Egros the 2006 book "The Cornish Rex" in which Anna took care of the reader in order to let him be closer to these unique cats. A husband Zbyszek Wilczek completed texts with wonderful, witty drawings which perfectly reflect characteristics of a joyful spirit forever young breed of cats.

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