Generally, I love learning, discovering undiscovered and I always have felt an irresistible thirst for knowledge since my childhood. Impressed by a cat charm and variety, it seems to be obvious that after several years of breeding them I decided to dig deeper into the essence of their mysterious world. For a couple of years I was stewarding very intensively during numerous cat shows. Some part of my today knowledge derive from that period. I am grateful to judges and other breeders for that. Nevertheless, I still claim that cats always were, are and will be my best teachers. Since the beginning of my work cats have been leading me through their magic world till they entirely showed it to me.  During my long journey to the unknown I started to feel how I totally loose myself and, finally, my life was entwined with their lives.

After the passed exam with flying colours at the beginning of 2007 I became the happiest FIFe pupil judge category III (Shorthair cats).

Two years later in April I passed final exams in Helsinki, Finland thus I became FIFe International Judge cat III. My dreams came true but the thirst for knowledge still remained.

As you already know I am a breeder of the most elegant cat breed in the Universe. Therefore, I couldn't resist to learn a bit about Siamese and Oriental Cats. They are my second big love soon after Cornish Rex, naturally. In November 2010 I passed the final exams in Turku, Finland thus I became FIFe International Judge cat IV.

To be honest, I did not plan to continue the next categories for the next years, until the moment when I saw the "work of art " - white Persian cat which simply possessed my soul, my mind and my heart. It happened somewhere in Italy during cat show of course. I could not stop thinking about him.

I started to read about Persians and their short-haired brothers, Exotic ones. Eventually, I came to the conclusions that, as an artist, I cannot deny myself the pleasure of being with these "Royal" spirits.

After more than two years of training I joined for the third time to the next difficult exams, and in November 2013 during show in Turku, again in Finland I became FIFe International Judge cat I.

The last but not least were semi-longhaired cats. They were a real challenge to me. However the more difficult the case is, the more interesting it becomes so in May 2016 I passed my very last judge exam and I became all round judge.

I spend at FIFe shows in Europe at least a half of all weekends during the year. I love what I do and I hope to have a huge impact on new generations of pupil judges with my love for cats and their beauty both outside and inside.

See you at the shows ...

Anna Wilczek , International FIFe All Breed Judge

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