World Cat Congress - The World Cat Congress was established to promote better understanding and co-operation among the world's major cat associations in matters of mutual interest and concern such as cat legislation and feline welfare which affects all cat lovers, from the pedigree breeder to the pet owner.


FIFe Federation International Feline - The FIFe is the United Nations of Cat Federations. In fact it is a federation of national members representing over 40 countries. These member organisations have chosen to follow the same rules with regard to the breed standards, cattery names, shows, judges and student judges. This common interest has, over the years, been consolidated to create the high standard and international reputation of the FIFe.


Club Italia - Club Italia è una realtà “globale” del mondo felino internazionale e fa parte del Club FIFe Belga, Felis Belgica.


FIFe CRX Breed Council - CRX Breed Council are to be established for THE breed in order to serve FIFe in an advisory capacity on breed standards, breeding rules and health issues. BC is to channel opinions and suggestions from the individual FIFe breeder through the Breed Council Secretary.


Pawpeds - you can find here a lot of information about the history of the pedigree cats, and to educate cat breeders about the need for genetic variation and what the situation is in their breed; databases with pedigree information for different breeds, with functions for calculations of the inbreeding coefficient and pedigree analyses; articles about other health issues and breeding issues as well, for the education of breeders.


WINN - The Winn Feline Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1968 that supports studies to improve cat health.


PUPIL - great veterinary clinic

SOWA - hour clinic and animal hospital


ARCHIGRAPH - our professional work

ANTIDOTE - our alternative work

PERSPEKTYWA - our drawing studio

MY ENERGETIC ART - Anna's paitnings

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